There are lots of ways you can get involved and help us support wounded, injured and sick Service personnel and their families. 

Thank you very much for considering organising your own fundraising event for DMWS. We will do everything we can to help make your event a success and we hope this information on this page will help to get you started.

If you already have an idea in mind, think about how much time you have to organise the event and what help you'll need. Generally events take longer to organise - and there's always more to think about - than people first think.

Please let us know what you are planning; we love to talk through ideas and have lots of resources that could help you. Email or call 01264 774000.

You might also like to ask for some of our fundraising materials:

  • Leaflets about DMWS
  • Collection Boxes or Buckets
  • DMWS stickers, balloons, pens