We are on-hand through some of the most difficult times for a Service Family. We are proud and touched when we receive thanks. Here are some real-life examples of what we do and who we have helped:

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to DMWS.  I was admitted to hospital last week and the support I received was amazing to say the least.  My father came to support me.  He had no transport or means to get to the hospital and he was accommodated in the Welfare house in Hannover.  A heartfelt thank you to Chris from Paderborn who looked after us fantastically.  It was a stressful time made very much easier with this support.  Thank you so much! - March 2015

DMWS have been a vital component in the timely and accurate provision of welfare support to many of my soldiers this year.  Their support, signposting and close integration with my Unit Welfare Officer has been outstanding and comprehensive.  They are a true force multiplier and add considerable professional advice to my Battalions chain of command” - CO of 2 Mercian

This is to extend my sincere gratitude for the support your team provided while my wife Til was hospitalised at Paderbon and Essen during 24 Nov 12 to 7 Jan 13. 

It indeed was a long, agonising and frustrating moment over Christmas and New Year period to be in hospital. However regular visits from Chris Mc Bride and her team while in Paderborn’s hospital helped lift our morals during those stressful moments. They also helped provide me with a welfare accommodation which negated my daily travel to and from Hameln in treacherous conditions at time.

I also took that opportunity to bring my kids over from UK to meet with their mother. Jeneatte was once again fantastic when we were transferred to a University Hospital in Essen. She was very prompt to ring and see every thing were in place regarding our welfare support. She and Christine took turn to visit us during our stay in Essen, She even brought some presents for Til over Christmas, which definitely helped lightened her mood a bit and brought some smiles.

Now I am so glad that Til has been discharged and recovering well back home in Hameln - WO2, 28 Engr Regt, Hameln

Our son, had been blown up by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. His Corporal had been killed and his own survival was in doubt. His troop had done everything to save his life and risked their lives in doing so. The Medical Emergency Response Team arrived within 40 minutes and after an operation at Camp Bastion, by probably the best surgeons in the world, our son was flown back to the UK CCAST to begin his long road to recovery. He was categorized as very seriously injured.

While this was being carefully co-ordinated, I got hold of my husband to tell him the awful news; because of his job, it would take him four days to reach Birmingham. Our Visiting Officer collected my daughter and me, and drove us to Birmingham to Alex Wing at RCDM in Selly Oak. It was a difficult journey emotionally but we clung onto the news he was still alive. We arrived on a Saturday evening and met with duty DMWS Welfare Officer. Once again please convey our sincere gratitude to your team in Paderborn and Essen, their support meant a lot during those difficult times. I congratulate you on providing such an excellent welfare service to us on need. 

I thought I would write you a quick letter to congratulate Jackie Barber and Phil Clarke on the fantastic job they are doing out here for the injured troops in the hospital. They have both, in my opinion gone above and beyond the normal remit.

I came in here and they both made me feel welcome and no job seemed too small for the, they knew me by my first name straight away. Which may seem insignificant but to me, it made me feel very welcome. They always have time for me no matter what.

I don’t think this letter truly justifies the work they are doing out here and it is difficult to explain the full job and how much I appreciate all the work they are doing.

Once again I want to say a big thank you to them both.

Two days ago I was shot by the enemy during combat operations in Helmand, Afghanistan. I was Medivaced to the Trauma Ward at Camp Bastion where I write to you today.

I cannot praise enough the courtesy, compassion and professionalism of all the British Military here. Namely, Jackie Barber and Phil Clarke at the Welfare Department aboard Bastion. They were able to facilitate contacting my wife and parents. As well as provide me with toiletries and clean clothes. Along with the dedicated surgeons and nurses who were able to save my life and my leg, all personnel have set an exemplary example of health care professionals.

I have never been to the United Kingdom, but I feel confident in thanking your Government for showing us, Americans, so much care and respect. I am proud to work, fight, and maybe die side-by-side with your troops.

Again, on behalf of my family and myself, I wish to thank Mr. Clarke and Mrs. Barber for the kindness they have shown me, again and again. They paint an amazing portrait of your office."

Thank you for your assistance with providing care and a point of contact for my soldier who recently stayed in Kings College Hospital. As you are aware he serves in a Germany-based unit, so as much as it is wished that we maintain direct contact with our soldiers the distances involved make this impracticable on a regular basis.

Having DMWS conduct visits and relay information between the hospital the patient and ourselves was much appreciated. Whilst the majority of conversations can be conducted over the phone there is no substitute t o having a trusted professional on the ground conducting meetings and visits face to face.

I would go so far as to say that, without your assistance, he may not have recovered as quickly (the morale boost of regular visits should never be under estimated) and the arrangements for return travel to the UK were actioned as soon as was possible largely due to your input and liaison with the hospital staff.

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to the JHQ Defence Medical Welfare Services staff who recently assisted me and my family at Viersen Hospital. My son was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy in May 2012 and we were very quickly plunged into a battery of tests and an extended 2 week hospital stay to trial anti-epilepsy medication.

Throughout the hospital visits and the 2 week stay, the assistance and care we were afforded by the Welfare Services staff was absolutely outstanding. Every effort was made to help reduce the impact on my family with Christine and Jeanette arranging for the Welfare House to be made available on Ipswich Way for myself and my daughter to stay in when visiting my wife and son in hospital. Christine even assisted my wife by taking some of her clothes home to launder and returning them the next morning!

Christine and Jeanette really went the extra mile and although my son will continue with treatment at Viersen for the duration of our tour, visits to the hospital and overnight stays will be far less daunting now we know that such an excellent welfare support package is in place.

Many thanks again for all of your help


A massive thank you for all your support and for giving me a place to sleep whilst our son has been in hospital.  You have helped to take away a big stress.