Which area of conflict?

Quite simply, we go wherever we are needed. DMWS are the only welfare agency to deploy on military operations alongside our troops. We provide welfare support to those wounded, sick or injured that are admitted into the Field Hospital during their operational deploymentWe also support the staff who care for them.

Generally, two Welfare Officers, are selected to be attached to a Military Field Hospital to be deployed into areas of conflict overseas. Our most recent deployment was to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan and prior to this we supported the staff and patients in the Field Hospitals in Iraq, Bosnia, The Falklands, in fact every conflict since WW2.

Prior to deployment DMWS ensures that their Welfare Officers have undergone specialist CONDO training (Contractors on Deployed Operations) and have all the equipment they require to operate in field conditions. In preparation for the deployment the entire Field Hospital takes part in a hospital exercise running through possible scenarios that they may encounter on operations. The Field Hospital can operate out of tents and provide a NHS standard of Healthcare anywhere in the world.

Our Welfare Officers are very robust and live and work with the deployed military personnel which at times can be in very primitive conditions.  We are always on standby to accompany our troops wherever they are and whenever they may need us.

What do we do?

DMWS support all patients that are admitted into the Field Hospitals.  With multi nation forces working together on many military operations the military admissions come from various nationalities.  As well as military personnel, the hospital receives admissions from military contractors, local nationals, local security forces and CPERS (captured personnel).

We visit the wards on a daily basis providing practical and emotional support to the patients regardless of nationality.  We run the welfare department in the hospital which the patients are able to use if they are mobile.  The department has a TV, sofa’s, internet, telephones, drinks area etc.  It is a place where the patients can relax away from the clinical environment with the support of a Welfare Officer.

If there is a serious incident involving British casualties, Operation Minimise is called.  This results in a total shut down of all communication.  This is to ensure that the families of the injured or deceased can be notified of the incident in person.

If there has been in an incident but the casualty is able to contact home themselves approval is sought from the military and DMWS are then able to assist them with the telephone call home, often this involves offering reassurance to distressed family members about the scale of any injuries involved.

Many casualties admitted into the hospital require clean clothing and a supply of toiletries.  DMWS can ensure that they receive a Troop Aid grab bag supplying the casualty with the basic essentials that they require.

The pace of the operation tour can change in an instance.  There can be periods of very few patients’ admissions then an incident occurs and the hospital can be running at full capacity.

Even during an operational tour DMWS may be required to provide family support. Many Service Personnel will deploy with other members of their immediate family who will arrive at the hospital to visit the patient/deceased.

DMWS provide a listening ear service for the medical staff working in the Field Hospital.  The welfare department offers a confidential place to off load their worries and concerns to ensure military capability is sustained.


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