Mental Health First Aid England has approved DMWS instructors to deliver a 2-day Mental Health First Aid course especially designed for the Armed Forces Community which can be delivered for individuals or groups.

MHFA for the Armed Forces Community is a specially designed project. It provides the basis for increased mental health resilience amongst veterans and the families of both veterans and serving personnel throughout the UK. The course has been updated for 2018.

What will You learn?

The MHFA Armed Forces Community course is split up into 4 manageable chunks. These are:

- What is mental health, and why MHFA for the armed forces community?
- Suicide and depression
- Psychosis
- Anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder

In each section you will learn how to:

Spot the early signs of a mental health problem
Feel confident helping someone experiencing a mental health problem
Provide help on a first aid basis
Help prevent someone from hurting themselves or others
Help stop a mental illness from getting worse

Who can attend the course?

Places on the ‘MHFA for the Armed Forces Community’ courses are focussed to specific groups of people, being:

- Veterans
- Serving personnel
- Family member of Serving or ex-Service personnel
- Health and Social Care working with the Armed Forces Community
- Charitable organisation working with the Armed Forces Community

Student feedback received:

“This was an excellent course which addressed all the things I need to know to apply Mental Health First Aid”

• “The instructors were excellent and kept the interest going throughout”

• “It has given me more confidence in saying the right thing and helping”

• “Excellent course, incredibly informative”

• “Very satisfied with my skills now. I would recommend the course to anyone”

• “useful tools to put into practice in my everyday life”

We can deliver this course on a group booking basis at your location. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information and a competitive quotation.

Service personnel may be able to use Standard Learning Credits towards this course (and other courses we offer). Unit Education Centres can provide advice on using SLCs.