About E-FAN

The Ex-Forces Action Network (E-FAN) is a new initiative, the first of its kind, which aims to provide a unique and comprehensive service to veterans in Cheshire and Greater Manchester. The project connects ex-forces personnel, who’ve had any contact with the Criminal Justice System, to a wide range of services tailored specially for those who have served in the British Armed Forces.

E-FAN is funded by the MOD’s new Covenant Grant Fund and forms part of the Government’s long-term commitment to supporting schemes under the Armed Forces Covenant, which is a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served are treated fairly.

Cheshire and Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company (CGM CRC) is responsible for delivering E-FAN in partnership with DMWS and 42nd Infantry Brigade.

Watch That's Manchester's report on the official launch of E-FAN at Ethiad Stadium. A great start to help veterans, who've been in contact with the Criminal Justice System, in Cheshire & Greater Manchester.

E-FAN Leaflet

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What we do

Although there are significant resources available to former service personnel a lack of awareness about how and where to access them, and in some cases a reluctance to ask for help, can lead to some veterans missing out.

E-FAN aims to tackle this head on by providing an individual assessment for each client and referring them to specialist help and assistance, as well as providing access to a number of entirely new opportunities created by E-FAN to support clients.

Who’s eligible?

Any former member of the British armed forces who has had contact with the Criminal Justice System and who resides in Cheshire or Greater Manchester.

How does it work?

  • Client is referred to E-FAN
  • A full assessment is made and an E-FAN key worker creates an individual action plan
  • Key worker helps client identify their strengths and needs and will actively involve them in the assessment, goal setting and the drawing up of their action plan
  • The key worker pulls together access to, and help from, those services that most effectively address the needs of the client
  • Within 12 weeks the client is working with all the key services identified in their action plan

Who can refer to E-Fan?

Pretty much anyone who works with former members of the Armed Forces who’ve had contact with the Criminal Justice System; veterans in this category who reside in Cheshire or Greater Manchester are also welcome to refer themselves.

Examples of organisations who might find themselves in a position to refer a client to E-FAN may include, but are not restricted to, the Police, Courts, NHS, National Probation Service (NPS), local councils, charities, ex-forces associations, substance misuse teams etc.

It’s important to note that potential E-FAN clients DO NOT have to have been sentenced to a Court Order. Where the client is subject to a Court Order E-FAN will work closely with probation staff to ensure the best possible outcomes for the client.

What else can E-FAN do to help?

  • a DMWS Welfare Officer will assist with medical needs for those needing help from health care services, including mental health services
  • E-FAN has a policy to support clients should they wish to become a peer mentor, all of whom will receive valuable training and experience that will be useful beyond their time with E-FAN
  • in some cases clients will have the opportunity to devise a Community Impact Projects that will benefit the local community

DMWS E-FAN Case Study

Watch our video below to see how DMWS Welfare Officer Ike helped Rick get off the streets.

More E-Fan Case Studies can be found on the cgmcrc website

Meet the DMWS team working 

DMWS Welfare Officers Lainie Irvine and Ike Smith work in partnership with Cheshire and Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company (CGM CRC) to deliver E-FAN

For a referral please contact:

DMWS Welfare Officer
Lainie Irvine or Ike Smith
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Cheshire and Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company
Rhiannon Beirne
Phone: 07894 482 554
Email: [email protected]