Free training is available for Nottinghamshire and Herefordshire residents who work with Armed Forces veterans, and families of Veterans aged 65 years or over. This training is being delivered by the Alzheimer’s Society as part of the Aged Veteran Health and Wellbeing Project.

The training will provide the following:

  1. Implement the 3 key themes of the National Dementia Strategy
  2. Deliver the Action Points of Opportunity for Change
  3. Support NHS England strategic priorities and outcomes
  4. Support Older Peoples Strategies and Action Plans
  5. Improve the wellbeing of the aged veterans living with dementia
  6. Enable aged veterans live independently for longer, in a supportive community
  7. Participants on the course will undertake a multiple choice assessment at the end of the day, which will gain them a certificate from the Alzheimer’s Society.

Who’s eligible to attend

  1. Employees/volunteers of statutory, voluntary and community organisations working with Armed Forces Veterans aged 65 or over
  2. Family members supporting an Armed Forces veteran who is 65 or over
  3. Carers working with Armed Forces veterans who are 65 or over
  4. Veterans 65 years or over who are carers
  5. Veterans who are 65 years or over with a family member with dementia 

Once trained the delegate will be able to utilise their new skills and knowledge to support people with dementia.

Course Details

Both the Stage 1: Stepping Inside Dementia and Stage 2: Meaningful Engagement – Practice Development Training  are one day courses run in Nottinghamshire and Herefordshire. Ideally participants would complete both stages. The courses are free to those eligible (see above). Below please find our course summary.

Stepping Inside Dementia (Stage 1) - Enables participants to understand the unique ways that dementia affects people and how it can impact on everyday life, including how to apply evidence based practical tools for building positive and inclusive relationships with clients with dementia.  Delegates will develop deeper empathy and be given practical tools they can use to build positive relationships with people with dementia.

  1. Identify characteristics of dementia
  2. Identify how dementia can impact on everyday life
  3. Examine attitudes towards dementia
  4. Examine our responses to situations

Meaningful Engagement – Practice Development Training (Stage 2) - Following on from Stepping Inside programme, provides participants with evidence and understanding about the link between meaningful engagement and wellbeing, and learn how to make a baseline assessment of peoples’ experiences of dementia in their treatment setting. Participants explore techniques to help them to connect with people with dementia; including how to use person centred planning to support people to use their skills through meaningful engagement.

  1. The need for meaningful occupation
  2. Identify ways of providing occupation to support the individual
  3. Importance of individual’s background
  4. Identify barriers and how to overcome them
  5. Demonstrate good communication and value of conversation
  6. Identifying and managing risk

The course schedule

 Nottinghamshire Dementia Courses


Nottinghamshire Stage 1 Stepping Inside Courses , 1 day course
Dates available: 16 April 2018 FULLY BOOKED, more stage 1 courses available after March 2018.
Time: 09:00-17:00 hours
Venue: The Kingsmill Training Centre in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Nottinghamshire Stage 2 Meaningful Engagement Course, 1 day course
Date available: 19 January 2018 FULLY BOOKED, more stage 2 courses available after March 2018.
Time: 0900-1630 hours
Venue: Castle Cavendish Works, Nottingham

 Herefordshire Dementia Courses



Herefordshire Stage 1 Stepping Inside Courses, 1 day course
Dates available: 23 March 2018
Time: 09:00-17:00 hours
Venue: The Kindle Centre, ASDA Supermarket, Belmont Road, HR2 7JE 

Important Notice

Places are limited to 16 delegates per course so it is advisable to book you place early to ensure you secure a place.

Participants on the course will undertake a multiple choice assessment at the end of the day, which will gain them a certificate from the Alzheimer’s Society.

Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided.  Joining instructions will be issued following successful enrolment on the course of your choice.

To enrol please contact:

John Walker
Defence Medical Welfare Service
Dementia Training Course Coordinator

Phone: 07823 402669
Email: - [email protected]

This training is delivered as part of the Aged Veterans Health and Wellbeing Project in partnership with: 


The service has been funded by the Aged Veterans Fund – funded by the Chancellor using Libor Funds.