Case Studies

The case studies below illustrate the difference we make to service users and health care providers:

After the officer sustained life changing injuries support was given to him and his family. Practical help on house adaptation meant the officer was able to get home sooner than anticipated, which accelerated his recovery and led to an earlier return to work.

Support to the spouse of a British soldier based overseas during a high-risk pregnancy. DMWS liaised between hospital staff and patient to explain cultural differences and managed expectations in order to reduce any misunderstanding and potential conflict.

DMWS supported a soldier who was flown back from a conflict area with life threatening injuries. As the patient recovered he was visited daily, given assistance to address his concerns about his future in the military and was informed about the rehabilitation process.

Support to 92 year old veteran with dementia who was in hospital with unexplained hip pain. By spending time speaking with the veteran, the DMWS Welfare Officer established he had sustained an injury during the war. This insight helped with getting an accurate diagnosis.


Story on a Page

Our storyboards below illustrates a different case per page. Click on the image below to enlarge. 

Stuart is a 20-year old serving soldier. He was admitted to a Mental Health Unit with acute anxiety and suspected Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He had no family in the area to support him.

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Kate, the wife of a serving member of the RAF, and her one year old son were stationed in Cyprus when she needed additional support during a high risk pregnancy. 

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Hampshire Police Constable Kevin was on his way to work when he was involved in a ‘Road Traffic collision’ resulting in a life-changing injury.

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Leonard was a 93 year old Veteran who served as a fighter pilot in World War Two. When Leonard was terminally ill we supported him and his family to ensure his needs were met before he died. 

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RAF Corporal Matthew was seriously injured during a training parachute jump. DMWS Welfare Officers helped him and his family to come to terms with his life-changing injury and supported him through his time in hospitals, rehabilitation and on recovery course.

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Dog handler Sergeant Richard was on a routine patrol in Afghanistan when an IED detonated and critically injured him. Deployed DMWS Welfare Officers offered emotional support to the comrades in Afghanistan and UK based Welfare Officers supported his family in Birmingham.

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This is one of our historical storyboards of an injured soldier in the Tunis campaign.

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A day in the life of a Welfare Officer:
Marie Crombie, Scotland

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Interview with Service User admitted to hospital due to addiction issues:

Interview with Service User suffering from  PTSD in the Highlands, Scotland:

Interview with ex-Lieutenant Commander who was supported by DMWS during his long-term hospital stay due to TB:

Radio Interview:

Impact Reports

You will also find longer case studies in our Impact Reports, follow this link to read more:

Impact Reports