Medical Welfare for the Veteran Community

About the service

As the veteran community is continuously growing we have expanded our medical welfare service to support veterans when they are receiving medical care. Our Welfare Officers are experts in their field, drawn from a variety of backgrounds including healthcare, social work and counselling, and many are veterans of the Armed Forces themselves.
The Aged Veteran Project supports veterans aged 65 and over, their family members and carers. We currently support Aged Veterans in Bristol and Somerset, Greater Manchester, Herefordshire, Nottinghamshire and Scotland. 
The projects are supported by the Aged Veterans Fund funded by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds. 

What we do

Our Welfare Officers are aware of challenges facing veterans and offer practical and emotional support to those receiving medical treatment. Wed can make an independent and impartial early needs assessment and identify issues that may affect a patient’s well-being. Our support is tailored to individual needs and may include a confidential and impartial listening ear, helping to explain and resolve any medical care issue, signpost and support referrals to other organisations for support. 
As well as supporting veterans themselves, we liaises with and supports family members and the bereaved. 

Current projects and contacts

Please follow the links below for more information and how to contact us. The Aged Veteran Medical Welfare Service currently operates in the following areas:

   Bristol and Somerset

   Greater Manchester