A Message from our CEO, Paul Gaffney:

Since 1943 the Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) has been providing a unique, highly responsive and professional medical welfare service to those who serve the nation. Our welfare officers provide practical and emotional support to frontline staff during times of physical or mental ill health to improve wellbeing and recovery.

Building on this heritage, the organisation is applying its spend capabilities so that they can be applied in other areas. So from supporting injured and ill military personnel in areas of conflict and at home, to now offering support to beneficiaries in the veteran’s community, the Police, the probation service and the NHS.

Due to advancements in medical treatment many more people are surviving serious injury or illness. With people living longer, the pressures on both health and social care, and the acknowledgement of wellbeing as a core determinant of health, people continue to need our support, now and into the future. We believe that the need for our person centred service is growing and that the need for face to face professional support will never go away. 

Yours sincerely

Paul Gaffney - Chief Executive

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